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Comprehensive Property Management Services in Texas

Best Texas Home Property Management offers an array of services that is beneficial for both landlords and owners. Our services help in bridging the gap between both parties, which makes our company stand out in the industry. With our help, property owners can make more profit while still making sure that tenants are living comfortably and peacefully.

What We Offer

Contract Preparation and Services

Our property managers can facilitate transactions between you and your tenants. We are authorized to use the Texas Association Lease Form and can prepare documents regarding HOA violations. You can also count on us for:

>> Rent Collection
>> Late Fee Collection
>> Pet Contracts
>> Eviction Services

Aside from this, we will make sure that your property complies with the following:

>> Property Inspections
>> Yard Maintenance Programs
>> 24-Hour Emergency Phone (as required by State Code)

Marketing Services

We can market and advertise your rental property through the following platforms:

>> Newspaper Ads
>> MLS Realtor Listing
>> Multiple Websites
>> Yard Signs
>> 24-Hour Recorded Message Systems

Tenant Screening

To ensure the safety of the community within your rental property, we will conduct the following:

>> Criminal Background Checks
>> Sex Offender Check
>> Credit Report Check
>> Eviction History Check
>> Employment Verification
>> Income Verification
>> Rental History
>> Guaranteed Tenants

Note: Tenant background check information is provided by the National Tenant Network and Best Texas Home Property Management. Neither company assumes any responsibility for the accuracy of reports.

Other Quick Turnaround Services

Our property managers ensure that there is a cleaning crew and "get ready" crew on standby. This will help us address your tenants' concerns. To keep your property secure, we also employ the following:

>> Video Recording (In and Out)
>> Digital Recording (In and Out)
>> Written Report (In and Out)

There are also contractor discounts if you choose to work with our network.

Security Devices

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